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Stage: 35
Start: Spotswood, NJ - Completed
End: Monroe Township, NJ
Time:3:00 pm
Start Lat/Lon:40.381102°-74.408144°
End Lat/Lon:40.389972° -74.390215°
Distance:7.4 miles
Route Notes:
Starting Point: American Legion 50 Devoe Ave, Spotswood, NJ 08884 Ending Point: 9/11 - war memorial Monroe Township Memorial Park, Monroe Township Memorial Park,144 Prospect Plains Rd Monroe Township, NJ
Veterans of Foreign Wars,

Stage Captain

"In Honor & Remembrance of All those I carry who we lost to the War on Terror, Stateside and the 22 a day we lose to suicide Due to Military PTSD as well as First Responders and the lives lost on 9/11."

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