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Join this 911 mile Journey to Honor and Remember
All Those Who Serve
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Answer the Call

On October 7th, 2001 just weeks after 9/11 our best and finest military men and women were deployed to defend our country under Operation Enduring Freedom.

The focus of Stride & Ride Relay’s is to honor, remember and raise awareness about the October 7th, 2001 deployment of our military men and women. Take time to remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice, including those who lost their lives due to military PTSD and the Invisible Wounds of War and continue to support those currently serving, our veterans, first responders and never forget the the lives that perished on 9/11. 

How can you get involved in the Stride and Ride Relay?

Take the Challenge and be apart of this exciting journey; by either registering, sponsoring, donating, or spreading the word. Whether your the avid runner, to a generally active walker or rucker, to a cyclist who loves to pedal away or someone who simply wants to sit back on a motorcycle and ride the open roads; Stride and Ride Relay has a stage(s) for you.

Stride and Ride Relay represents the hope those lost will never be forgotten, those still serving and our veterans will be supported, and to bring America Together United in our Hearts for the Greater Good.

Relay With Us

Supporting Military and First Responder Charities

Money donated and raised for the foundation allows us to uphold the mission of Stride & Ride Foundation of honoring fallen heroes while giving back to military and first responder charities who provide support to active duty military, military families, veterans, wounded veterans and our first responders and their families.