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Tactical Team Athletes

The Tactical Team is a group of people from Military Veterans, First Responders to Civilian Patriots who volunteer  their time for 8 days to relay 9 hundred and 11 miles throughout 7 states. This is a team of people who believe in the mission of Remembering Our Fallen while giving back to Military and First Responder causes. 

Their story, in their own words.........

Heather Viveiros ~ Founder

Proud American Patriot 

Hi everyone my name is Heather, I am the founder and visionary of Stride & Ride Relay.

On April 15, 2013 the city of Boston came under attack when the vicious bombings occurred at the Boston Marathon finish line. Military men and women, many of whom have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, who were taking part in the marathon sprung into action to aid the wounded. They were seeing the carnage of war on the home front. Since that day I have rededicated my life to raising awareness of post-traumatic stress disorder and honoring the sacrifices of Gold Star Families. My deep faith has led me to my mission to honor the fallen, thank the living and never forget the families left behind.  My journey and through social media connection has brought me into contact in person and online with families of the fallen, veterans and military families across the country. Through these efforts, I have been able to directly help military families in crisis and help countless veterans struggling with the hidden wounds of war. One night in 2015, I woke up from a sound sleep and saw the vision uniting runners, ruckers/ walkers, cyclists and motorcycles together, where the  focus of event is to honor and remember the October 7th, 2001 deployment of our military men and women, those we have lost at war including those who lost their lives due to military PTSD and the Invisible Wounds of War, continue to support those currently serving, including our veterans, first responders and to never forget those who perished on 9/11. My deep faith has led me to my mission to carry the fallen, thank the living and never forget the families left behind and to make an impact beyond the finish line. 

David Fall ~ Co-Founder, 

Air Force Combat Veteran/ Fire Fighter

David is an Airforce Combat Veteran. David has continued his service after he got out of the military by becoming a Firefighter. He is passionate about honoring and remembering his fellow brothers and raising awareness about military suicide. He first got involved in Stride & Ride when introduced to Heather in 2016 by a friend when they were both on a mission of doing 22 push-up to raise awareness about military PTSD Suicide. When Heather explained to him about the relay, honoring and remembering not only the lives lost on 9/11 but to raise awareness, honor and remember his fellow brothers deployment into Afghanistan on October 7, 2001. David was 100% on board and wanted to be fully involved and soon became the Co-Founder of Stride & Ride. His visions and ideas together have helped shape and create this amazing relay event. 

Lance Sven ~ Founder of Run Anyway

More Information coming soon 

Dave Pierce ~ United States Marine Corps.

Tactical Athlete

 " I have dedicated my life to defending our FREEDOM and Honoring The Great Men and Women who have Too"  

Charlene Drouin ~ Blue Star Mother to her son Cody 

Motorcycle Stage Coordinator /Tactical Athlete

Hello my name is Charlene. My son Cody was only 6 when the tragedy of 911 occurred. Now 16 yrs. later I am proud to say that I am a Blue Star Mom and the 9/11 effect was a major contributing factor in my son’s joining in the U.S. Navy to be part of keeping our nation strong. He just returned December 24th from a six-month deployment on the U.S.S. WASP.  I may not be in a position to be on the front lines as my son could be, but I am deeply honored to be part of the Stride and Ride Relay, as my one small way of showing my support and honor of all our men and women that have fought, lost lives and still continue to fight to keep our nation strong.  Let’s continue to fight to help end 22. I am honored to be asked by Heather to be part of the Tactical Team. GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS!!!!  

Lynn Patton ~ Gold Star Mom to Sgt. Matthew Patton 

Support Coordinator 

My name is Lynn Patton, who along with my husband John, are the proud parents of SGT Matthew Scott Patton, who served five years in the Army with one in Afghanistan. On 9/11, I was on the phone with a friend whose father worked in one of the Towers and she was scared (thankfully he is alive) and Matthew simultaneously was watching everything unfold at school. I know it affected him because he read many books about 9/11. We took him to the site that would normally be a very loud and busy place on Manhattan, but not that day. It was solemnly quiet and he was transfixed. All we could hear was the machinery still clearing the site. There were still pictures of missing loved ones pinned on a wall and buildings were covered with netting to protect against further debris. Recently, one of Matthew’s friends told me he felt a calling to join the Army, I believe it part because of 9/11. I was scared because he had a significant mental health history, but he joined knowing he was going to war, so how could I not be proud. Twelve years later on May 13, 2013, we became victims of 9/11 when our world crashed after getting the news our son had killed himself, just four months before his terminal leave. I fight military suicide everyday through the Matthew Patton Foundation, but the opportunity that Heather is giving me to become part of the tactical team is beyond an honor for me because it touches me deep within my soul. I know I will feel many different emotions during this experience, but I expect inspiration will shine through the brightest. Thank you Heather.

Sue Ann Wood ~ Gold Star Mom to Lcpl Mathew Puckett

My name is Sue Ann Wood. I am the proud Gold Star Mom of USMC Lcpl Mathew Puckett who was KIA on September 13,2004 in Anbar province, Iraq. I have actually relocated to Massachusetts from California to take part in Stride and Ride. That's how much this means to me. I am humbled to be part of this epic event; to bring not only awareness and much needed funds to this years charities but also my hope is to unite our country together as Americans. We need to support, help and take care of our Veterans, First responders, Law Enforcement, as well as Active Duty Military. These men and women are the foundation of this great country our Freedom!! We must take care of those that take care of us. I need to be a part of finding a way to support and heal our soldiers who suffer from invisible wounds. End 22. My son was KIA, on foreign soil, yet so many that make it home don't really and lose their lives due to invisible wounds, and a battle that followed them home. I believe in Us, and you. God bless America

                   On the Battlefield

                  The Military Pledges 

            to Leave No Comrade Behind. 

                        As A Nation 

                  Let it be Our Pledge

   That when they Deploy or Return Home 

 We Leave No Active Duty or Veteran Behind.

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