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What is Stride & Ride Relay? Posted on 6/20/2016

Stride and Ride Relay is........ 

A multi state, 911 mile long distance relay that is broken up into 108 stages for runners, ruckers/walkers, cyclists and motorcycles, which takes place along the Northeast relaying to every major 9/11 memorial point from Boston, New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

The focus of this event is to honor and remember the October 7,2001 deployment of our Military Men & Women post 9/11. Paying tribute to those still serving, those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice, our veterans, and the military men and women we loose due to Military PTSD and the Invisible Wounds of War. 

It's about individuals and teams coming together to help the Stride & Ride Tactical Team conquer the stages over eight days, seven nights and accomplishing something we could never do alone. Each stage is about uniting together, over coming fears, reaching outside your comfort zone to progress through running, rucking, walking, cycling or on a motorcycle with the intention of doing something greater than yourself to achieving the target points. From an avid runner to the generally active walker from carrying the weight of their sacrifice by rucking to cycling the day or night away or simply sitting back and riding the open road, Stride and Ride is the perfect relay for anyone.

Together we will honor and remember all of our Military Men and Women who so willingly left the safety of their homes to serve our country and continue doing so to this very day, while giving thanks to our Veterans, First Responders and pay our respects to the 2,977 lives lost on 9/11.

                   On the Battlefield

                  The Military Pledges 

            to Leave No Comrade Behind. 

                        As A Nation 

                  Let it be Our Pledge

   That when they Deploy or Return Home 

 We Leave No Active Duty or Veteran Behind.


To learn how the relay works and the different stages please read the Participants Guide by clicking on the following link             


To look at the different stages and or  join a stage click on this link http://www.strideandride.com/run.asp

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