• Jerry Loewe donated $100.00 11 days ago
  • Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association CT 31-1 donated $500.00 136 days ago
  • Local 400 membership donated $200.00 137 days ago
  • Matthew Como donated $50.00 155 days ago
  • Alexander Coultas sponsored Kim $25.00 158 days ago
  • Isabella Coultas sponsored Kim $25.00 158 days ago
  • East Hartford High School donated $100.00 161 days ago
  • KAITLYN Fraser-Morris signed up to relay stage #36 162 days ago
  • Lisa Tuffy sponsored Bill $50.00 162 days ago
  • kevin lavelle signed up to relay stage #33 163 days ago

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Run Anyway Foundation President 

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Margret Verzins 

Logistics Route Support Coordinator 

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Logistics Coordinator (Running Stages)

Email: wfisher02169@gmail.com

Ricky Atherton

Development Director 

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