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  • Local 400 membership donated $200.00 105 days ago
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Giving Back

Through the generous support that we have received we have been able to provide help to the following people and organizations.  

• Fallen Worcester Firefighter Christopher Roy’s daughter through the "Ave Roy Fund”

• Provide Target gift cards to families in need this Christmas 

• Support to the Leisure Knoll Veterans Club Operation Christmas Cheer Care Packages.

• Care Packages towards the Old Bridge AFROTC. 

• Essential Items Donations made to help the Coast Guardsmen in need stationed across all units on Cape Cod

* Provided gifts for Operation Military Smile

• Provided stuffed animals and baby items to American Legion Riders Chapter 78 Hyde Park. 

• Raised Fund to help an Active Duty Military Member who lost everything in a house fire. 

We Distributed funds to the following non-profit organizations who are alined with our organization mission, vision and goals. In doing this we are able to reach a larger scale of military members, veterans, first responders and their families who are in need of different programs, treatments and services. 

• 1st LT Scott Milley Foundation - which was used to give out scholarships and help Wounded Veterans and their families go to the Travis Mills Retreat in Maine. 

• Military Friends Foundation  - directly helped active duty military members and gold star families. 

• The Matthew Patton Foundation- which was used for wellness and suicide prevention campaign survey 

• End 22 - Helping Veterans and Active Duty get into treatment that is not covered by the VA or Military Medical Facilities.  

• Cpl. David Atherton Foundation - providing scholarships 

• Ma Deuce Deuce Foundation - providing Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) a diversity of restorative and therapeutic programs at no cost to the veteran.

• Backward Flag Arms 2 Artisans Foundation- Foster the successful transition of Post 9/11 Veterans from military service to post service life through an artisan skills program by providing education, experience and a network of peer support.

• Rolling Thunder Massachusetts Chapter 1 - Donated a check and provided McDonalds and Dunkin Donut gift cards to help our Homeless Veterans living at the New England Center and Home for Veterans

• Travis Manion Foundation -  empowers veterans and families of fallen heroes to develop character in future  generations. 

• Newton Firefighters Children’s Fund - help the families of recently fallen active-duty firefighters and children of firefighters who have fallen in the line of duty throughout the state of Massachusetts

• Boston Wounded Vet Run - in supported of helping Wounded Veterans 

• Run Anyway Foundation - helping those in need. 

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