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Giving BackPosted on 6/20/2016

Stride & Ride will be giving back all proceeds to Military Charities that do amazing work with Gold Star Families whom lost a loved one in military service, Wounded Veterans, Active Duty Military, Veterans and their families. Help us raise money and awareness for these amazing charities; one mile, one stage at a time and Together We can Help those in need. 

On the Battlefield, The Military Pledges to Leave No Comrade Behind. As A Nation, Let it be Our Pledge that when they Deploy or Return Home, We Leave No Active Duty or Veteran Behind.


Military Friends Foundation 

The Military Friends Foundation recognizes the unique contributions and sacrifices made by Massachusetts National Guard, Reserve and Families of the Fallen. We are proud to offer grant programs, community events, referral services and more to families who have faced hardships related to active service. We invite you to Join Us and Honor Them. http://www.militaryfriends.org

Boston Wounded Vet Run 

Boston’s Wounded Vet Run will be dedicated to different veterans. All proceeds raised go towards housing modifications to suite a comfortable living for the disabled veteran. Besides housing modifications, funds are also used to improve the quality of life of disabled veterans. Recreational needs, cars, and basic living needs are also other fields of charity the ride is dedicated to. They fought, and we ride, a bike run honoring the wounded veteran's. Boston Wounded Vet Run is in nineteen states and growing. Giving back to wounded veterans across the Nation.  https://theyfoughtweride.com  

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